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In his book, The Principle of the Path, author and pastor Andy Stanley shares a timeless principle concerning decision-making. He writes, “Direction, not intention, determines our destination.” Read that again and reflect on its implications for a second. In life you will go where your decisions lead you. For instance you could plan for months to take your family on vacation to Washington D.C., but if when the day of the trip arrives you head west on interstate 90, you’ll end up in Chicago not D.C. That’s because your direction, not your intention, determines your destination.

Think about it this way. What did you want to be when you were a kid, a lawyer, a pilot, a nurse? Perhaps during your teen years you decided you wanted to be a doctor because you loved the television show ER. Watching George Clooney inoculate the sick and hurting with a pinch of medicine and a plethora of charm inspired you to pursue a career as a physician. However, wanting to work as a doctor won’t make you a doctor. You can dream for years about this career path, but if you flunk college biology, you’re not going to be accepted to medical school. Your direction, not your intention, determines your destination.

This same principle affects our relationships, finances, career paths, even our relationship with God. Nobody plans to bounce between unhealthy relationships, rack up massive amounts of credit card debt, or drift away from God, but this is reality for many people because that’s where the trajectory of their decisions led them. Again, direction, not intention, determines your destination.

Now perhaps you’re thinking I wish someone would have shared this truth with me earlier in life. That would have saved you a lot of heartbreak and headaches. While you can’t go back in time and change your past, you can share this truth with the next generation. That’s what we’re hoping to do through our Village Kids Camp happening in August.

The theme of this year’s camp is Walk This Way. It will take the kids on a fun and exciting journey through God’s word to explore God’s plan for their lives and encourage them to take steps in that direction. While at camp kids will learn Bible stories, make crafts, participate in a service initiative, play fun games, and grow in their relationship with God and each other.

Village Kids Camp will take place August 8th-11th from 6:30pm-8:30pm. It has incredible potential to influence the direction of our kids, but that potential won’t be realized without your help. The camp has many service opportunities, so whether you like working with kids or can’t stand them we’ve got a role for you. Email Terri Zelasko at to sign up to serve or to find out more info about getting involved.

Remember, “Direction, not intention, determines destination.” In which direction are you heading? In which direction are our kids walking? Make your influence felt by serving at Village Kids Camp this summer. 

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