Village Kids

Volunteer Roles


Classroom Leader: Creates and maintains a safe, fun, and welcoming environment where kids learn about God’s incredible love for them utilizing the Village Kids teaching curriculum.

Classroom Assistant: Helps classroom leader foster and maintain a safe, fun, and welcoming environment and encourages the spiritual development of the children.


Classroom Leader: Creates a safe, fun, and welcoming environment where little children grow closer to God while learning about God and playing with friends. Uses provided curriculum, games ideas, and videos to help the children discover more about God.

Classroom Assistant: Helps area leader create a fun, safe, and welcoming environment while encouraging the children to participate in group activities.


Nursery Volunteer: Supervises babies and toddlers to provide them with a safe, fun, clean and nurturing environment.


Prayer Team: Prays for ministry, volunteers, and families represented in Village Kids. 

Check-in/Floater: Welcomes families to Village Kids, helps them check-in and then serves as an assistant in any room that needs another hand.